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Will Hale has synthesized the Heartful Harmony Refresh and the fundamentals of Heartfulness from decades of practice in many mystical traditions and in working full time as a musician with children. Heartfulness is a transformative system that is simple enough for a child and easy enough for adults. www.harmonyrefresh.com


Gameful Engagement  -   RESOURCE LIST
Will Hale presentation MnAYEC/MnSACA Annual Conference
The enjoyment of being fully engaged offers the greatest motivation. We will explore intrinsic self-rewarding activities to inspire positive emotions, personal strengths and social connection to improve the effectiveness and involvement in working with kids.

Tons of great links related to games in learning.


Glutathione Rocks! Music Video - Will Hale & The Tadpole Parade

Glutathione Rocks!
© 3-14-09 Will Hale 651-307-3849 http://www.willhale.com/

Glutathione Glutathione Glutathione rocks my world!

Glutathione Glutathione Glutathione rocks my world!

One million ten trillion
Enough cells to make me who I am
I’m not thinking about living
My body does it all by itself

(with) Glutathione chorus

Inflammation oxidation
Free radicals have sparked the flame
My body is burning I can’t take it
What do I need to get out of this pain

(it’s) Glutathione chorus

You know stress comes at a big cost
Healthy metabolisms don’t come cheap
With good nutrition pure water
Exercise and plenty of sleep

(and what else do we need? That’s right!)
Glutathione chorus

Glutathione stop clap sing along Glutathione chorus


Vi Ameamo!